The debut post!

Posted on 12-Aug-2013

The maiden voyage! FLINT Creative has set foot on the web! Actually, we have been around for awhile under the name of Fred Lin Design Studio since 2008.

Hi, my name is Fred. I am the founder and creative director of FLINT Creative Studio, founded in 2013 in Shanghai.

Wowee, a kickass shanghainese web-designer/developer?! Err... not quite... I'm actually born and raised in Singapore. FLINT was chosen to be founded in Shanghai by choice. I've been living in Shanghai since 2007, and loving every (mostly) second of it in this dynamic and fast-changing city. I'm not talking about the new mall that pops up around the corner every couple of months, you can find that in any metropolis these days. Culturally, Shanghai has evolved over the past 6 years. With the constant influx and influence of foreign talents and technology, one can see the popoulation quickly adapting modern trends and fads. Which is great, considering more than half of China still uses Internet Explorer 6 (groan).

FLINT is a creative digital media agency, specializing in modern and highly usable websites/designs, with a clear focus on simplicity, usability and good user experience.

We had intended to release the site when it was fully complete, but due to time constraints, we decided to release the site as it is right now, which is more or less complete feature-wise, with only the project case studies missing. As you will see, the list of projects is quite large, so we will be compiling case studies and putting them up when we can. Meanwhile, we will just list out the works as it is.